About us

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is driving the search for innovative solutions to the technical challenges facing the wave energy sector. Through our competitive procurement programme, we support a range of projects focused on the key systems and sub-systems of Wave Energy Converters. The aim is to produce reliable technology which will result in cost effective wave energy generation.

WES was formed in 2014 at the request of the Scottish Government and is a subsidiary of Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The aim of WES is to ensure that Scotland maintains a leading role in the development of marine energy.

Through our programmes, we have already awarded £24.6M to 56 projects and worked with 150 separate organisations, across 11 different countries.

Wave energy information to be shared online

Wave Energy Scotland launches new Knowledge Library which will host the outputs from the projects in the WES programme and related activities including research, knowledge capture and international collaborations. The Library is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in what Wave Energy Scotland’s projects are achieving, and the intellectual property which has been generated.