SHREC’s Most Promising Individual awarded to Jillian Henderson

Jillian Henderson has scooped the Most Promising Individual award at the Highlands and Islands Renewable Energy Awards 2022.

The Scottish Highland Renewable Energy Conference (SHREC) and Awards promotes the achievements of individuals and organisations in Highlands and Islands renewable energy industry.

The Most Promising Individual award celebrates an outstanding individual within the first five years of their career, who has already achieved success and created impact within the Highlands and Islands renewable energy sector. The category applauds future leaders and innovative young thinkers, who have the talent to drive the sector in years to come.

Accepting the award, Jillian Henderson, WES’s Research Engineer, said:   

“I’m very flattered to have received the Most Promising Individual Award at the Scottish Highlands and Islands Renewable Energy Conference. It was an honour to even be nominated, especially for this category which recognises people with the potential for being future leaders in the renewable energy sector.

“Being part of Wave Energy Scotland has enabled me to apply myself in this exciting industry. I’ve loved being involved in new and innovative technologies which have the potential to be game changers in the sector. We know that wave energy has this huge potential and when we have commercial technology it could make a great step towards reaching net zero. I’m very privileged to work alongside my colleagues who are driving the search for innovative solutions to the technical challenges facing the wave energy sector.

“It’s a really exciting time at WES as we move into the next phase and part of my work will be using the outputs of my research in Project SEAWEED to identify promising avenues of innovation.”

Tim Hurst, Managing Director at WES said: 

“Jillian is a worthy recipient of the Most Promising Individual award, and it is great to see her gaining recognition as an innovative, driven and capable female engineer in the wave energy sector.

“The wave energy concept creation toolset Jillian created through Project SEAWEED, is a unique way of identifying new avenues of innovation in wave energy and we’re keen to see it utilised far and wide.”

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