The CREATE project aims to confirm that the use of concrete technology can make a step change in LCoE in the wave energy sector. Concrete is a well understood material with a range of applications in the offshore environment and a developed supply chain. Studies into the potential of concrete for WECs have so far focused on a single WEC technology and an industry wide conclusion does not yet exist. This project aims to take a broader approach to identify where structural concrete could have most impact, before developing a suitable design solution in detail.

The CREATE project has the following key learning outcomes:

  1. Identification of structural components across a range of WEC devices types using a range of concrete technologies where concrete represents a feasible option that could have a significant impact on LCoE;
  2. Development of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the most promising configuration (WEC structural system + applicable concrete technologies) and associated manufacturing process for commercialisation;

3. Development of a prototype specification and associated test pan to de-risk the selected configuration. The project will take a broad approach, considering both a range of WEC types and a range of concrete technologies to identify the most promising configuration from a breadth of alternatives. From this industry-wide basis the feasibility and potential impact of construction using concrete will be assessed, through consideration of a range of WES metrics, to enable an informed selection of the most promising configuration (WEC structural system + applicable concrete technology). Loads analysis and structural design will be performed for this configuration to add detail to the concept. A manufacturing strategy will be defined for the developed concept in collaboration with key supply chain stakeholders, and a refined LCoE estimate calculated. The project will output a design solution which promises to demonstrate the impactof concrete on the wave energy sector based on a systematic and all-encompasssing downselection process

The final report is now available in the Library. Note non-members will have to register.