The mooring system for Wave Energy Convertors (WEC) typically requires a degree of pretension in the system to achieve acceptable system responses, regardless of the mooring line type. Hooking-up (connecting) and disconnecting the mooring system whilst generating sufficient pretension is typically a complex marine operation requiring numerous temporary phases, which has a resulting economic cost to the project.

The proposed innovation integrates off-the-shelf and bespoke hardware, and a novel marine operations approach to facilitate the mooring hook-up and disconnection operations for WECs. The approach is also deemed to be valid for other offshore floating renewable devices and perhaps more general marine operations also.

In essence, a bespoke tool will be developed that is temporarily installed between a mooring pennant connected to the WEC and a part of the pre-installed mooring system. The tool is deployed from a workboat, but once in the water is self-supporting. The tool will provide a self-reacting pull-in force between the parts of the system, such that the main mooring line can be connected whilst under zero tension.