OceanSET is a 3 year project with a total budget of 1 million Euros, which is focusing on providing support to the ocean energy implementation plan of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). The SET Plan promotes research and innovation efforts across Europe by supporting the most impactful technologies in the EU's transformation to a low-carbon energy system. It promotes co-operation amongst EU countries, companies, research institutions and the EU itself. The project is led by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and includes 9 partners. WES is involved in work packages 3 and 4 of the project.

OceanSET aims to:

  • facilitate technology development for ocean energy, promote knowledge sharing and investigate collaborative funding mechanisms
  • understand the current support activities for ocean energy across Europe and determine how these can be enhanced to that the sector can evolve
  • identify appropriate innovation programmes which can bring ocean energy technologies to commercial deployment at an acceptable levelised cost of energy by 2025 for tidal technologies, and 2030 for wave technologies

For more information about the project, visit their website.