Wave energy information to be shared online

People interested in tracking progress in developing Scotland’s wave energy technology can now access a new online library, launched today (July 20th) by Wave Energy Scotland (WES).

WES is taking an innovative approach to supporting the commercialisation of technology for the wave energy sector through a highly collaborative programme.

This brings together the best of industry and academia to develop projects in areas that have been identified as priorities for the sector, and likely to have a positive impact on the long term cost of energy.

In just over two years, WES has worked with 150 separate organisations across more than 50 projects in a range of technology areas, committing in excess of £24million funding in a range of technology areas.

As well as developing cutting edge technology, the WES objectives focus on sharing the result of projects. To that end the new online library includes information on research, knowledge capture and international collaborations.  

It will help anyone interested in what Wave Energy Scotland’s projects are achieving, and the Intellectual Property (IP) that has been generated.

Elva Bannon, senior research engineer, who has been leading the development of the Library, said:
“A key driver of what we are doing is the dissemination of results of the work we are involved in, and that’s what this new online library is all about.

“It is the first time that outputs generated through the WES programme are made available from a single source. It provides an opportunity and platform for us to showcase the wonderful work which we have supported over the past two and a half years.

“In sharing this information, we are encouraging collaboration and ensuring that the lessons learned from the technology development projects is used for the benefit of the wider wave energy sector.
“We will be adding to the library constantly as we have more outputs from our projects and events. We are also working towards the release of some early research on wave energy undertaken in Scotland.”

Over 100 documents are currently available, with future releases of more documents as the WES programme advances. The library will be updated with additional reports and details of the projects coming under the WES umbrella, including international collaborations and historic research.

The new online resource is easily accessible for free via the WES website.
For further information and to register visit http://library.waveenergyscotland.co.uk/.