The CCell is an oscillating wave surge converter (OWSC) designed to maximise the energy extracted from ocean waves through an innovative curved paddle. Laboratory tests of the Mark 1 CCell paddle have demonstrated a four-fold increase in performance-to-cost ratio compared to other flap-based wave energy converters (WECs). A curved paddle improves hydrodynamic performance, extracting more energy from each wave, and provides additional strength that reduces the material needed to construct the paddle.

The project will parameterise the CCell WEC and through a programme of numerical simulations optimise its shape for a range of sea conditions representative of the reference site to minimise both CAPEX and OPEX for a given power output. The project will also undertake laboratory studies of several curved paddles to validate the numerical models. A flat paddle will also be studied to provide a comparative base-line. The optimisation will seek to balance three important aspects:

  • Positioning the paddle at or near the water surface where wave energy is greatest.
  • Permitting the device elevation to move with the water surface to ensure it captures a suitable proportion of the wave energy beneath both crests and troughs.
  • Allowing the paddle to ‘spill’ extreme wave events to reduce loads on the device.