Albatern’s WaveNET array system consists of hexagonally interconnected Squid modules. A Squid consists of three articulated link-arms connecting three nodes to a central node in a star formation. Passing waves induce motion at the articulated joints, and this motion is converted to electrical power via a hydraulic take-off system.

Albatern has been developing the WaveNET system since 2011. Studies of earlier concepts have highlighted the opportunities for innovation to improve performance and lower cost.

The improvements in the proposed 75kW 12S device include: a simplified array configuration allowing individual link elements and node elements to be deployed separately; control of the central node to give improved energy capture across a wider range of sea states; and the use of reinforced concrete as the structural material for the node elements. These improvements are expected to improve the installability, scalability, maintainability, and affordability of the structure, whilst improving performance and efficiency across a range of sea states.

This project will verify and quantify the anticipated benefits of the proposed innovations through small scale tank testing, validating the numerical hydrodynamic models used in design, and providing a deeper understanding of the device response in a range of realistic sea conditions.