The innovative WaveTrain device consists of three mechanically linked floating oscillating water column modules. Each module oscillates on an inclined plane and drives a pneumatic turbine power take-off system. Mechanical linkages between adjacent modules will permit self-reaction that encourages motion in the inclined plane.

This project will undertake an extensive programme of small-scale physical modelling studies to optimise several design parameters (inclined plane angle, module separation, applied damping) and then quantify the performance of an optimised WaveTrain device. The testing programme will consider behaviour in increasingly complex configurations, a single isolated module, multiple un-linked modules, culminating in the WaveTrain device of three mechanically linked modules. The acquired data will be used to validate a suite of numerical models of the device that will investigate the device performance in a range of realistic sea conditions.

Finally a concept engineering study will consider the design of a full-scale device and the means for reducing both capital and operating costs to enable energy production at a viable cost.