The C-GEN generator is a novel direct drive linear generator which is easy to manufacture and assemble, as well as being highly efficient over a wide range of loads, typically 85-90% for wave applications from part to full load. This is greater than competing PTOs such as hydraulics, and hence annual energy yields will be greater. Direct drive systems of this type involve the generator being directly coupled to the prime mover, which minimises the number of moving parts, leading to a high level of reliability,and hence availability.

A number of prototypes have been demonstrated to confirm the scientific and technical rigour of the concept, including a 50kW prototype for wave energy applications. Previous developments have taken place in the lab. This project will focus on understanding how generator windings and bearings may perform under marine conditions, address the challenges of marinisation and ensure critical components remain reliable.

Results from modelling and testing will feed into the design tool to be used for full scale designs of existing wave devices, to demonstrate total energy cost consistent with the WES target of £150/MWh.