PhD Opportunity: Investigation of alternative generation technologies for wave energy

The International Energy Agency’s 2012 Energy Technology Perspectives forecasts up to 337GW of marine energy capacity could be deployed across the world, with about 70% from wave energy, by 2050. The UK has created and retains world leading expertise in academia where we continue to progress research into wave and tidal energy. 

Industry and researchers are making strong progress towards reliable, cost-effective wave energy technologies, however to become a viable part of the long-term energy mix, wave energy must continue to strive for Levelised Cost of Energy reductions beyond those which are achievable through application of traditional technologies and architectures. Alternative technologies have the potential to contribute significantly to this objective. 

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has identified a range of potential alternative technologies for the conversation of wave energy to utility-scale electricity. This project, which will be supported by WES, will add scientific rigor by adding structure, depth and analysis to create a structured technology development roadmap for the most attractive of these technologies. 

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