The PECMAG PTO system is a modular all-electric system with magnetic gearing that is being developed to suit a variety of WEC devices, offering both rotary and linear actuator systems. Medium scale prototypes of both the rotary and linear actuator PECMAG systems have been manufactured and bench tested – with measurements confirming the high conversion efficiency performance figures expected from the contactless gear system. The PECMAG prototypes have been developed with input from WEC developers, which has resulted in a thorough understanding and refinement of the PECMAG technology.

The testing and LCOE modelling undertaken in the Stage 2 project identified areas where performance and manufacturability improvements could be realised. The Stage 3 project extended the bench testing and refinement to include the bearings and assembly/manufacture processes for the gear system.  The project culminated in wet testing in a real sea environment with the PECMAG connected to a bespoke WEC test platform.