The C-DART Quick Connection System (QCS) is a combined mooring and electrical connection device for rapid deployment and recovery of moored, electromechanical marine devices, such as wave energy converters (WECs). Its design permits both electrical and mechanical connections to be made remotely of the towing vessel.

The C-DART QCS has two primary elements: a surface buoy, permanently connected to a mooring system and subsea electrical cable; and a device mooring / towing hawser that incorporates an electrical cable and an interfacing QCS connector.

The C-DART QCS offers a reliable solution for electrical and mooring connections using a simple, practical marine operation. When compared to the current state of the art, it offers a significant reduction in manual intervention as well as an increased operational weather window and a reduced deployment and recovery duration. These key characteristics will enable a step-change reduction in the cost of deploying and recovering devices and will reduce the EHS risk exposure of undertaking the associated marine operations.