The project partners will work together toward the successful study of innovative materials for wave energy devices structure using Balmoral’s (BAL) long experience in structural design, polymer materials and manufacturing methods for offshore environments, CorPower Ocean’s (CPO) and WaveVenture (WV) expertise in numerical modelling, design load cases, system design and Levelized-Cost-of-Energy (LCOE) analysis.

CorPower, Balmoral and Wave Venture will combine their efforts to assess the viability of hybrid Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) applied to the specific case of a prime mover of point absorber Wave Energy Converters (WEC). This will be done using an approach assessing affordability, availability, survivability, performance and its impact on overall project LCOE. Specific efforts will be made to calculate the structural loads together with structural and stress analysis. The material performance, manufacturing & logistics results and the risk assessment will be used to feed the LCOE analysis.

It is foreseen that the project will drive a step change impact on the LCOE of the wave sector by considering alternative materials, while improving the effectiveness of producing robust and cost effective prime movers.