Metrics present a measure of success of a technology against its requirements. They can be used to support technology development programmes and facilitate selection of the most promising technologies. Metrics provide a clear route to demonstration of progress in the sector, thereby building confidence in the private investment community, expediting their engagement with a commercial wave energy industry.

To gain the full benefit of the ability to measure success and fund the most successful projects, it is imperative to have cross-sector, international approval of metrics so that everyone has the same understanding of what success in the wave energy industry looks like. This enables wave energy technologies to be demonstrated and compared globally.


Wave Energy Scotland has been involved in international collaboration for three reasons:

  • To allow comparisons across different support schemes, avoiding duplication of funding
  • To encourage collaboration between international
  • To foster standardisation of the benchmarks of success in ocean energy

The collaboration so far has delivered three workshops on metrics:

  1. February 2016 workshop was a collaboration with WES and US DoE on “WEC technology requirement specification and performance metrics”.
  2. September 2016 workshop was run by EERA Ocean Energy Joint Programme, Ocean ERA-NET and the International Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems group, and facilitated by WES on “Stage Gate Metrics for Ocean Energy Technology Development”.
  3. November 2017 workshop with the Ocean ERA-NET; “Ocean Energy Stage Gate Metrics Validation Workshop”. This capitalised on the work from the previous two workshops to gain cross-sector input on a set of metrics for ocean energy technology.

These activities are intended to help progress the sector towards reaching global consensus on stage gate metrics for ocean energy technology and are intended to contribute towards the European Commission and Member States evaluation processes for ocean energy technology. The next steps are to use the outputs of the workshops to provide input into the global IEA-OES activity on stage gate metrics. This will be alongside the continued application of stage gate metrics to existing technology development programmes which will enable the incorporation of additional detail to metrics arising from technology development experience.