The aim of this project is to demonstrate a robust, effective Power Take-Off (PTO) solution comprising a gearbox and generator which may be applied to a wide range of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) types and deliver a low cost of energy.

The key advantages of this technology are its extremely high transmission efficiency and ability to take advantage of the highly cost-competitive global supply chain which already exists to supply similar products to the wind energy industry.

The earlier Stage 1 project established the feasibility of producing a geared PTO with sufficient capacity to withstand the loading produced by a large self-reacting attenuator WEC (the SeaPower Platform), and that such a PTO could deliver the required damping torque to achieve good levels of energy capture across a wide range of sea states.

The Stage 2 project, will conduct further simulation, small-scale rig testing and tank testing to investigate variations on the baseline PTO configuration which have the potential to deliver even higher energy capture while enhancing controllability, survivability, and quality of electrical output to the grid.