Cost of Energy Optimised by Reinforcement Learning (CEORL)


Adaptive hierarchical model predictive control of wave energy converters

Queen Mary University, London

IMPACT – Integrated Marine Point Absorber Control Tool - WECS

SgurrControl Ltd

Control of WECs based on dielectric elastomer generators

Cheros S.r.l.

Wave Energy Advanced Control System (WEACS)

CPower Alba Ltd

WEQUAD FRAME project (Wave Energy converters linear QUADratic control FRAMEwork)

EPF Elettrotecnica Srl


MarynSol Ltd

Nonlinear Optimal Control: Concepts, Practicalities and Benefits

Industrial Systems and Control Ltd


Innosea UK


Tecnalia Research and Innovation

Adaptive Control of the WaveSub WEC using a Romax Electromechanical PTO

University of Bath

Predictability Bounded Control of the Mocean WEC

University of Bath


Wave Venture Ltd