Blackfish Engineering win accelerator challenge with WES-funded technology

Blackfish Engineering Wins prestigious NOW Accelerator Challenge with Innovative Mooring Quick-Connector Concept


Bristol-based renewable energy engineering firm Blackfish Engineering has been announced as a winner in the inaugural Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW) Accelerator.

The company's ground-breaking quick-connection mooring solution, C-Dart, was showcased on the main stage at the prestigious Floating Wind Days event, impressing industry leaders with its innovative approach to mooring solutions in the floating offshore wind sector.

The NOW Accelerator sought new global solutions for the floating offshore wind industry, focusing on flexibility, scalability, low maintenance, and longevity, a collaboration between start-ups and industry partners facilitated via innovation scale-up Wazoku. At the event in Haugesund, Norway on 29 and 30 May, Blackfish Engineering presented its C-Dart mooring quick-connector, a Rapid, Reliable, and Low Risk system designed for asset retrieval and station keeping.

“Our C-Dart system offers a significant advancement in operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability, addressing critical challenges in the offshore wind industry” commented Marcus Gay, Commercial Manager, Blackfish Engineering. “To be recognised by such an esteemed group of judges and to be cited for its innovation is a testament to the work we have put into it. The C-Dart technology was developed through the Wave Energy Scotland (WES) pre-commercial procurement programme (PCP). Blackfish looks forward to further developing the C-Dart system and contributing to the advancement of sustainable solutions in the offshore wind sector.”

Tim Hurst , Managing Director of Wave Energy Scotland (WES) commented: “Blackfish Engineering’s C-Dart was developed through WES’s Quick Connection Systems call and completed onshore load testing, as well as at-sea demonstration. It is extremely positive that the technology is being recognised as a potential solution for the challenges of the offshore wind sector in addition to wave energy applications.”

Narve Hansen, Manager of NOW Accelerator, expressed his enthusiasm for the innovative solutions presented, stating:

“It has been an incredible journey to witness the innovative power of collaboration between our industry partners and start-ups. The NOW Accelerator is about challenging the status quo and creating ground-breaking solutions that can shape the future of the floating wind sector. Blackfish Engineering's concept exemplifies the kind of forward-thinking and practical solutions we aim to foster.”

Robert Petrovics, Senior Floating Wind Specialist at Corio Generation, one of the challenge champions, commented on the successful completion of the challenge:

“We received a large number of solution proposals for our challenge, and following a comprehensive evaluation process, we concluded that Blackfish Engineering's solution meets our challenge requirements exceptionally well. The ingenuity and potential for deployment in floating wind, as well as other industries, make it standout."

The challenge was launched by Norvegen Vind, a consortium formed by Corio Generation and Å Energi, which aims to drive innovation and sustainable solutions in the offshore wind industry. This consortium’s support underscores the collaborative effort to advance the floating offshore wind sector.

Blackfish Engineering was recognised alongside other innovative start-ups, including Stormlinker, Bedrock Ocean, and Ocean Grid, who also won in their respective categories.

Find out more about the C-Dart here.