DTOceanPlus Tools Ready for Demonstration

Standalone beta versions of the DTOcean+ tools are ready for the demonstration phase

The development of the standalone beta versions of the whole suite of the design tools for ocean energy systems is now completed. The beta versions are now ready for full integration and the demonstration phase against real scenarios. The final open source version of the suite and detailed documentation will be available in August 2021.

The core functionality of each individual tool or module is complete and can run independently. Ongoing integration of the whole software and data flow between modules will provide additional valuable results to the users. Testing of each tool and module was also carried out in order to verify that the software meets the functional and technical requirements defined at the beginning of the project. All technical reports that describe the verification process and contain the user manuals are available at dtoceanplus.eu.

Over the next few months the beta versions of the tools will be demonstrated against real scenarios by the industrial partners within the project. That means that the suite will be run to showcase the applicability of the tools to concept generation and selection, technology development, plus farm deployment and optimisation. A workshop and several virtual training sessions will be organised to promote a deeper understanding of the tools and engage with potential users to facilitate adoption and usage of DTOcean+ suite.

The final public release of the open source software will be at the end of August 2021. To support the future users in their various uses of the suite, project partners are preparing tutorials and how-to guides that will be released at the same time.