OceanSET Newsletter #1 now published

The OceanSET project supports the activities of the SET-Plan Implementation Working Group on ocean energy. It has published its first OceanSET newsletter.

In the newsletter, you will find information about OceanSET's current and future activities:

  • Data gathering for ocean energy sector will help track progress and shape appropriate supports for the development of the industry. The first monitoring exercise is now under way with the first part aiming to gather high-level mapping of current ocean energy activities.
  • Designing a European Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP) model for wave energy that will help develop technically and economically viable wave energy converters. Ongoing work focuses on the priority technology areas and relevant metrics for evaluating progress and identifying successful technology.

The first workshop held in Dublin as part of the Ocean Energy Europe 2019 conference introduced the project and launched the first survey for data gathering. The next workshop will be organised next summer.

OceanSET is a 3-year H2020 project with a total budget of 1 million euros which is focused on providing support to the ocean energy implementation plan of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). Wave Energy Scotland is one of the project partners.