Three of the most promising Control Systems concepts from the WES technology programme will be awarded a total of £632,500 to further develop their ideas. The best projects were selected from the original series of thirteen which were recently completed.


SgurrControl will bring their extensive experience of on and off-shore wind developments and work with Cruz Atcheson on the first project. They were awarded £187,409.

MaxSim’s winning submission builds on experience from several key Scottish wave energy companies and was awarded £187,500.

The final project to be selected was from Queen Mary University, London who will work with University of Exeter and Mocean Energy from Edinburgh. Their team was awarded £151,304.

The control system for a wave energy converter is an essential sub-component and can constitute a complex piece of technology. Computer simulations and state of the art technologies can be married to create a new approach for controlling wave energy converters.

These research projects are expected to conclude in 9 months’ time.

Tim Hurst, WES Managing Director, said: “These three projects represent the best new concepts for controls that can be best applied to novel wave energy converters. I’m pleased that we are utilising the experience from Scottish developers and growing that knowledge base at home.”