WES launches Direct Generation Concept Design Competition

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is looking for continuous cost reduction opportunities to follow in the footsteps of the current cohort of wave energy technologies on their path towards commercial projects, and so is inviting wave energy specialists, concept designers and solution architects to enter the WES Direct Generation Concept Design Competition. 

Direct generation is the application of novel electrostatic generation technologies, which use the flexible properties of elastomers and polymers to drive variable capacitance, a characteristic that can directly transform movement (stretching, twisting, bending) of a material, into electrical energy. This results in promising benefits when applied in wave energy: 

  • Enables a new class of flexible architectures, without reliance on high-cost steel structures 
  • Simplified power conversation process relative to conventional wave energy architectures
  • Adaptable, tuneable and survivable in varying wave energy resources

The below video explains the technology in more detail and also see the Direct Generation programme page.

The competition is open to all, including individual companies, but applying as part of a group (consortium) will strengthen your application. Assembling a project team would include capability in areas such as wave energy, flexible materials, flexible electronics, manufacturing processes, soft robotics and actuation systems.

Important information

• Monday 24th July 2023 competition opens.

• Eligible teams will be led by UK registered organisations but can include partners from the EU, EFTA and USA. Find partners by using our free brokerage tool and then join us at the physical Brokerage Event in Edinburgh at Edinburgh Climate Change Institute on Wednesday 26th July 2023.

• Pre-proposal submissions to be sent to info@waveenergyscotland.co.uk by Friday 18th August 2023 12.00 (UK/London time) with subject line Direct Generation Design Concept Competition.

• WES will then invite up to 15 teams to go forward to full proposal submission. The full submission process will be open from 28th August to the 22nd September 2023. Full call guidance document, response forms and example agreement will be released on the WES website in advance of the brokerage event.

• WES will select up to 5 projects each to a value of up to £50k, to be administered as a grant payment at up to 100% of eligible costs.

• Expected Project duration 12-14 weeks, starting at the end of October 2023

Your pre-proposal must be sent to info@waveenergyscotland.co.uk with subject line Direct Generation Concept Design Competition by Friday 18th August 2023, 12.00 - so we encourage you to get talking early.


To ensure fair access to information we will share asked questions with answers here: Concept competition brokerage event Q&A v0.4. Last updated on 14/08/23